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Gel nail stickers Seychelles

Gel nail stickers Seychelles

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What is Aglaé Nail?

The Aglaé nail kit is the new accessible and innovative alternative to beautify your nails in minutes. This thin film of semi-hardened gel which catalyzes under a UV lamp will not alter the nature of your nails. Indeed, the nail becomes harder but remains as flexible as a natural nail.
Become a manicure expert with this nail kit that will allow you, thanks to a wide choice of colors, to accentuate your look and reflect your personality in a few steps.
What are the benefits of Aglaé Nail?
No need to make an appointment every 2 weeks at the institute for a new pose! You can apply your stickers where you want and when you want with a hold of up to two weeks. To reinforce the hold you can use a top coat.
So, enjoy salon quality in the comfort of your home. It's less time to waste and more savings.

Aglaé Nail offers protection that helps prevent breakage of your nails as much as possible in order to grow healthily and change style more easily without damaging your nails.
Why use capsules to result in thin and brittle nails?
With Aglaé nail, the amount of gel is fine and therefore less invasive for your natural nails, however, it is not as resistant as a professional gel application but for small wallets the result will be just as satisfactory. The thin film of gel will protect your nails without weighing them down.
How to remove Aglaé Nail nails?
Removing Aglaé Nail nails is very easy. Sanding gel nails is no longer necessary and therefore it will not deteriorate the health of your nails. Simply use the stick provided in the kit and apply a cuticle oil or coconut oil around the nail, then gently remove the gel nail and clean the residue with alcohol.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Aglaé kit is easy to use and guarantees an elegant and trendy result.
So what are you waiting for to order your first Aglaé nail kit?


FAQ, how to use aglaé nail

* gel stickers cannot be used as an extension but only to the size of your natural nails

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Description du produit

Devenez une experte de la manucure avec ce kit d’ongles qui vous permettra grâce à un large choix de coloris, d’accentuer votre look et refléter votre personnalité en quelques étapes.

Quels sont les avantages d’Aglaé Nail ? 

Plus besoin de prendre rendez-vous toutes les 2 semaines à l’institut pour une nouvelle pose ! Vous pouvez appliquer vos stickers où vous voulez et quand vous voulez avec une tenue pouvant aller jusqu’à deux semaines. Pour renforcer la tenue vous pouvez utiliser un top coat. Ainsi, profitez d’une qualité salon dans le confort de votre maison. C’est moins de temps à perdre et plus d’économies.Aglaé Nail offre une protection qui permet d’éviter le plus possible la casse de vos ongles afin de grandir sainement et changer de style plus facilement sans abîmer vos ongles.

Pourquoi utiliser des capsules pour avoir comme résultat des ongles fins et cassants?

Avec Aglaé nail, la quantité de gel est fine et donc moins invasive pour vos ongles naturels, toutefois, ce n’est pas aussi résistant qu’une pose gel chez un professionnel mais pour les petits porte-monnaie le résultat sera aussi satisfaisant. La fine pellicule de gel protègera vos ongles sans les alourdir.

Comment retirer les ongles Aglaé Nail ?

 Retirer les ongles Aglaé Nail est très facile. Le ponçage des ongles en gel n’est plus nécessaire et donc cela ne va pas détériorer la santé de vos ongles. Il suffit d’utiliser le bâtonnet fournis dans le kit et d’appliquer une huile à cuticules ou de l’huile de coco autour de l’ongle, ensuite retirezdélicatement l’ongle en  gel et nettoyez les résidus avec de l’alcool.Que vous soyez débutante ou confirmée, le kit Aglaé est simple d'utilisation et garantit une résultat élégant et tendance.Alors qu’attendez vous pour commander votre premier kit d’ongles Aglaé ?

* les stickers en gel ne peuvent être utilisés comme extension mais seulement à la taille de vos ongles naturels

Why is it awesome?

* Our gel nail stickers save your time to do your manicure.

* If professional gel nails or semi-permanent are not suitable for you, this can be an alternative.

* A solution to protect your nails in a less invasive way.

* A much simpler application than semi-permanent or professional gel.

* Change your look in a faster way with very sophisticated designs.

Our special offers!

• For 2 Gel nail stickers Aglaé nail purchased, benefit from a 10% reduction.

• Take advantage of the complete Aglaé Nail kit (UV/LED lamp + 2 gel nail stickers) with a 15% discount

Included in our kits

* A 20 piece gel nail kit

* A cuticle stick

* An alcohol wipe

* A nail file


We offer several types of delivery.


* Delivery by letter followed 3 to 8 working days (free) (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

* Colissimo delivery 2 to 5 working days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)


* Letter followed 3 to 8 working days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

* Colissimo 3 to 5 working days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

We also deliver to Switzerland and England

How to apply our gel nail stickers?

How to remove gel nail stickers?